Etching (Intaglio) Presses

We stock etching presses from Polymetaal in Holland.

The prices are for collection from our shop in Norwich.  Please contact us if you would like a shipping quote.

We also occasionally have second hand etching presses for sale.  Please contact us to see what is currently available.

Polymetaal JH-50 Floor Standing Etching Press
Polymetaal JH-50 Floor Standing Etching Press
Bed size 20" x 39" (50 x 100cm)
Bed plate 0.4" (1cm) thick
Working height 35"
Max. clearance between bed plate and upper roller 1.6" (4cm)
Direct drive (non-geared)
Supplied with a stand and two wooden shelves.
10 year manufacturer's guarantee.

The JH-50 is bottom roller driven using a star wheel. The bed plate is made from laminated paper sheets, in liquid resin, pressed under high pressure and temperature, then covered, on both sides, with a white melamine coating. Perfect bed material, compared with a metal bed: does not warp, no oxidation, safe (=not heavy), very pressure resistant). The bed plate is guided on both sides by the solid steel frame. Loosening the spindles raises the upper roller by spring pressure, which also makes possible the printing of lino and wood cuts. Shims of leather or cardboard can be placed under the spindles thus providing more flexibility during printing (useful while printing woodcuts that are not quite flat).
Polymetaal JH-50 Floor Standing Etching Press£2,150.00
Polymetaal HS-35 Tabletop Etching Press
Polymetaal HS-35 Tabletop Etching Press
Bed size 14" x 24". Made in the Netherlands. Combining manageable design (36kg or 79 pounds), a reasonable bed size and a very affordable price, this press is highly favoured by schools and other institutions. The HS-35 can easily be stored away by removing the four spokes from the hub. The hard synthetic bed plate runs between the cylinders. The press is upper roller driven. Like all our other intaglio presses, the construction with springs facilitates relief printing (lino, mono and wood-cuts). The upper roller is provided with self lubricating bronze glide bearings. The lower roller is provided with ball bearings.
Polymetaal HS-35 Tabletop Etching Press£750.00
Polymetaal JM-25 Tabletop Etching Press
Polymetaal JM-25 Tabletop Etching Press
Bed size 10" x 18". Made in the Netherlands. The JM-25 is driven directly on the lower roller by means of a star wheel. The lower roller is provided with glide bearings and the upper roller with ball bearings. The upper roller is raised by spring pressure. The total thickness of the printing sandwich may not exceed 2.5cm (1"). The JM-25 can be used for dry point, line etchings, aquatint as well as linocuts and woodcuts.
Polymetaal JM-25 Tabletop Etching Press£460.00
Antique A1 Etching Press
Antique A1 Etching Press
£3250 SOLD

Steel rollers 10.5cm diameter, 60.5cm long
Bed size 59.5cm x 120cm
Working height 89cm
Maximum pressure 5000kg
Maximum clearance 3cm
Gearing 10:1 ratio

Secondhand etching press
Secondhand etching press
SOLD £3450
A lovely solid construction floor standing etching press. Geared ratio 8:1 with a solid wheel to give plenty of momentum. Bed size 32" x 50". Sold complete with two secondhand blankets which are in fairly good condition.
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