Easels and Taborets

We are delighted to be able to offer a range of 'Best' Easels and Taborets made by Richeson Art in the USA. These easels are made from American Red Oak and are hand finished. They are incredibly strong, and that includes the metal fittings. All joints are glued, nailed and screwed. As a result they come with a limited lifetime guarantee. We have selected a range to represent the broad spectrum that the company makes, but we are happy to quote for getting in other models from the range.

We now also stock some of the Lyptus® Wood range of easels from Richeson Art.  Lyptus® Wood is a new trend in creating more environmentally responsible products.  The entire process from planting, to pruning, to manufacturing is carried out with the environment in mind.  Lyptus® Wood is a premium-grade hardwood, a naturally occurring hybrid of Eucalyptus grandis and Eucalyptus urophylla.  It has a straight grain and fine, even texture, and the wood is very uniform with few knots. Lyptus® has similar density, strength and technical properties as hardwood maple, and is about 45% heavier than mahogany,

All easel prices include carriage to mainland UK.  For other shipping destinations, please contact us for a quote (01603 620229).

BEST Artist Organiser
BEST Artist Organiser
This beautiful and practical studio organiser has a never-ending list of what it can be used for: pastels, brushes and paints just to name a few. It is great in the classroom for storing student projects. A convenient way to store a variety of artist tools. Each removable shelf allows for simple transport of supplies to your work area.

5 small shelves 17" x 9 3/4"
2 large shelves 17" x 12 3/4"
BEST Artist Organiser£345.00
BEST Sitha Taboret
BEST Sitha Taboret
Ideal for pastel, oil and water media. The attached fold-out easel can be adjusted to forward tilt. The 3 drawers are on smooth, full extension, metal bearing sliders for easy opening. Top drawer contains a 1/4" thick, 18" square melamine palette (supplied) and a fold out holder for the supplied brush washer. The third drawer is deep enough for storage of the easel canvas trays when the unit is closed. Mounted on front-locking rubber casters.

Closed height 37"
Extended height 87"
Extended width 48"
Max. canvas height 44" - 54"
BEST Sitha Taboret£1,350.00
BEST Becky Taboret
BEST Becky Taboret
Great for home or studio! The attached easel has an adjustable double mast, and can be tilted forward for pastels.
Easel lays flat for storage and wings fold over offering a flat work space suitable for full sheets of watercolour paper or other projects. Lower shelf area is great for storing supplies. Does not accommodate casters.

Closed taboret height/depth 32" x 24"
Max. easel height 75 1/2"
Min. easel height 58"
Max. width 80" (wings open) 40" (wings closed)
Max. canvas height 39"
2 small storage compartments 4 1/2" x 21"
Lower storage shelf 19" x 38"
BEST Becky Taboret£710.00
BEST Caballo Bench
BEST Caballo Bench
A remarkable easel that does everything and goes anywhere. The Caballo provides a sitting area, a 16"-long divided supply drawer, and an easel for sketching or painting. Contains a 27 1/2" long storage area for the mast and canvas holders. Attached wheels offer mobility when the bench is folded up.

Full height 52"
Bench height 18"
Max. canvas height 27 1/2"
BEST Caballo Bench£445.00
BEST Abiquiu Deluxe
BEST Abiquiu Deluxe
A professional, heavy-duty painting easel constructed of hand rubbed solid oak, can be adjusted to any tilt or angle. Up to 300 lbs can be lifted by the heavy-duty marine winch pulley system. The laminated oak uprights measure 2" × 5", sturdy enough to accommodate any canvas that the powerful winch can raise. The base is double-laminated for additional support. The Abiquiu Deluxe rests on four heavy-duty, front locking casters.

Max. canvas height 120"
Max. canvas width 120"
Base 45" x 36"
Compact easel height 86"
Extended easel height 150"
BEST Abiquiu Deluxe£1,865.00
BEST Classic Santa Fe I
BEST Classic Santa Fe I
Excellent for most large work. Features a double laminated quad base, side frames and sturdy H-frame construction. This single masted easel comes with two canvas holders, and the self-levelling bottom tray/palette features a melamine paint mixing surface with 2 large stainless steel canisters. Comes with a set of 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters.

Maximum canvas height 96″
Base 24″× 30″
Compact easel height 78″
Extended easel height 120″
BEST Classic Santa Fe I£890.00
BEST Classic Santa Fe II
BEST Classic Santa Fe II
The Classic Santa Fe II offers the same quality features as the Classic Santa Fe I with a few extras. Its marine-style winch raises and lowers easily allowing works weighing up to 300 lbs. The double-masted H-frame offers extra stability and will hold larger canvases than the Santa Fe I. Plastic front locking casters offer mobility.

Max. canvas height 106"
Base 24" x 30"
Compact easel height 78"
Extended easel height 129"
BEST Classic Santa Fe II£1,480.00
BEST Crank
BEST Crank
The oak construction and heavy-duty crank system will allow even your largest canvases to glide up and down with quiet ease. Middle canvas holder for small work. Mounted on front-locking casters.

Maximum canvas height 66″
Base 29.75″× 30″
Compact easel height 92″
Extended easel height 127″
BEST Crank£1,095.00
BEST Elegant H-Frame
BEST Elegant H-Frame
This oak easel features a winch and pulley system that allows the canvas to be raised and lowered with ease. It includes two stainless steel cups and a storage drawer to hold a variety of supplies. Optional plastic casters available separately.

Maximum canvas height 82"
Base 24" x 24"
Compact easel height 63"
Extended easel height 129"
Bottom canvas tray width 28"
Top canvas tray width 24"
Angled storage drawer 17 3/4" x 4 1/4"
BEST Elegant H-Frame£945.00
BEST Classic Dulce
BEST Classic Dulce
A standard American studio easel designed to provide the artist with the most stable unit at a low price. Its sturdy H-frame construction and laminated quad base offer superior strength and stability. Folds flat for easy storage; adjustable sliding mast moves independently of canvas tray; wide bottom canvas holder with utility tray.

Maximum canvas height 82″
Base 22″× 24″
Compact easel height 54″
Extended easel height 90″
BEST Classic Dulce£385.00
Moderately priced easel for the oil and acrylic painter. The sturdy tri-mast A-frame is lightweight, portable, durable and folds flat for easy storage.

Maximum canvas height 64″
Base 28″× 28″
Extended easel height 81″
BEST A-Best£350.00
A smaller version of the A-Best.

Maximum canvas height 52″
Base 28″× 28″
Extended easel height 67″
BEST B-Best£325.00
BEST Lite B-Best
BEST Lite B-Best
A versatile easel ideal for beginning to intermediate artists, schools and colleges. Solid, multifunctional and affordable. Sturdy A-frame design. Folds flat for easy storage.

Maximum canvas height 60″
Base 24″× 24″
Extended easel height 80″
BEST Lite B-Best£300.00
BEST B-Best Adjustable
BEST B-Best Adjustable
Sturdy A-frame design. Wider adjustable mast.

Maximum canvas height 75″
Base 21.5″× 20″
Compact easel height 66″
Extended easel height 96″
BEST B-Best Adjustable£237.00
BEST University
BEST University
Offers a wide range of tilt adjustments including a forward tilt of nearly 60 degrees to allow pastel dust to fall from the surface or to reduce glare. Features a deluxe 30"-wide painting tray with a tool shelf and two stainless steel cups, and a middle painting tray for small work. For extra strength, joints are hinged and the base is double laminated.

Maximum canvas height 84"
Base 22.5" x 30"
Minimum easel height 75"
Maximum easel height 110"
BEST University£720.00
BEST Wallmount
BEST Wallmount
A heavy-duty easel that accommodates a large canvas with zero use of studio floor space. The easel can be used in a vertical position or tilted forward (up to 80 degrees, for glare reduction or for pastel artists).

Maximum canvas height 88″
Easel width 32″
Compact easel height 55″
Extended easel height 102″
BEST Wallmount£765.00
BEST Deluxe Lobo
BEST Deluxe Lobo
This quad base easel is perfect for the mixed media painter. It is compact but sturdy, reliable and very flexible. Can be used vertically for sketching or painting, and in just seconds can be adjusted to a horizontal position for watercolour, gessoing or varnishing. Forward tilt for glare reduction or for the pastel artists. It also features a built in shelf for supplies or books.

Maximum canvas height 62"
Base 24" x 27"
Extended easel height 92"
Table height 36"
BEST Deluxe Lobo£325.00
BEST Halley
BEST Halley
Beautiful and strong, the Halley tilts into a table for gessoing, varnishing or watercolor work; for pastel artists, it tilts forwards. The Halley also has a multitude of settings for use with oil, acrylic, or airbrush. The self leveling tray features a melamine paint mixing surface with a small stainless steel cup for solvent. Painting trays have rubber grips to keep canvas secure.

Max. canvas height 80" vertical, 82" horizontal
Base 23" x 27"
Compact easel height 54"
Maximum easel height 84"
Table height 36"
BEST Halley£740.00
BEST European
BEST European
Quickly adjustable, the European easel accommodates a wondrous range of media, from watercolour, acrylic, oil, airbrushing and pastels. 30" wide painting tray with 2 small stainless steel solvent cups; 20.5" x 5" well for supplies, middle painting tray for small work.

Maximum canvas height 84"
Base 22" x 30"
Compact easel height 80"
Extended easel height 120"
Horizontal easel height 29.5"
BEST European£955.00
BEST Portable Collapsible
BEST Portable Collapsible
This all-purpose easel is ideal for the oil, watercolour, pastel, airbrush or acrylic artist. The front wheels offer mobility. Elegant single mast design, folds flat for easy storage; top, bottom and middle painting trays have rubber grips to keep canvas secure; bottom shelf for storage; table height 37.75″.

Maximum canvas height 72″
Base 21″× 17″
Compact easel height 50″
Extended easel height 90″
BEST Portable Collapsible£534.00
BEST Rio Grande
BEST Rio Grande
A great starter easel. This multifunctional easel has a strong quad base. Includes a middle canvas tray for small work. All canvas holders have rubber grips to keep canvas secure.

Maximum canvas height 48″
Base 25″× 23″
Compact easel height 45″
Extended easel height 72″
BEST Rio Grande£325.00
BEST Navajo
BEST Navajo
A great starter easel. Inexpensive, compact but sturdy and reliable. Perfect for the college dorm. Folds flat for easy storage. Top and bottom canvas holders have rubber grips to keep canvas secure.

Maximum canvas height 38″
Base 26″× 26″
Extended easel height 60″
BEST Navajo£182.00
Richeson Lyptus® Wood Navajo
Richeson Lyptus® Wood Navajo
This easel adjusts easily to a
variety of positions for sitting or
standing and folds flat for storage.

Maximum canvas height 41.5"
Base 27.5" x 22"
Extended easel height 58"
Richeson Lyptus® Wood Navajo£120.00
BEST Medium Collapsible Chimayo
BEST Medium Collapsible Chimayo
An elegant single mast design, supported by a T-frame construction. Folds flat for easy storage. Rubber grips on canvas holders. Bottom canvas holder includes utility shelf.

Maximum canvas height 66″
Base 26″× 24″
Compact easel height 52″
Extended easel height 82″
BEST Medium Collapsible Chimayo£350.00